Coco Brick ( 500grms / 650grms )

Coco Brick ( 500grms / 650grms )

Coco Peat is compressed into Brick form. These Bricks can be supplied in different mixtures by increasing or decreasing the Coir Fibre presence in the mix.

Bricks are specially produced for retail markets for the users of Coco Peat in Gardening, Cropping and all Horticulture and Hydroponic as potting mixture or soil conditioner. The highest compression ratio 8 : 1 gives the maximum cost benefit to the retailer and the customer.

The Bricks are used for all Vegetable and Fruits nurseries and the ornamental plants as well as other indoor and outdoor plant for the retail market and commercial nurseries. As the Brick is a truly organic product it guarantees a high environmental acceptability and is perfectly suitable as substrate for potting plants, bedding and balcony plants and also as ground cover in terrariums.

Coco Brick is 100% Natural Organic and Bio-degradable.

Specifications of Coco Brick are mentioned below